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How SLUGBELL is assembled step by step
1. Place the metal stick into the ground where you have slug problem.

2. Fill the backet with a small amount of normal or organic slug pellets.

3. Place the Bell over the metal stick to cover the mesh basket.

4. Fit the vinyl cap on the top of the metal stick to secure the Bell.




"The World's Safest Slug & Snail Control Device"
Safe to use in the garden for Children, Pets, Birds, Wildlife & the Environment


Exhibiting at the following Flower shows in 2016

  • RHS London Spring Plant Extravaganza      1-2 April 
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show                           24-28 May
  • RHS  Hampton Court Palace Flower Show   5-10 July 
  • RHS Wisley Flower Show                               

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Garden Inventions making Gardening more enjoyable

The Slug Bell is safe for children,pets,and garden wildlife as the pellets are not scattered around the garden where they can be accidentally picked up.

The complete Slug Bell can be moved around the garden by the top of the spike.
The  Slug Bell shape prevents the pellets being washed away into the soil
thus Protecting our Environment.

The Slug Bell  is friendly to our  Environment as it only needs a small amount of pellets .

The Slug Bell blends with the surroundings of your garden plants and vegetable plot.

The Bells are individually hand painted and  are made of metal are waterproof so they will last as long as you own a garden. The Slug Bell protects 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year   keeping your garden safe all year round. The Slug Bell uses Organic or Conventional slug pellets. The garden may be watered at any time as the Slug Bell protects the pellets from watering, rain, mist, dew, dampness etc. The Slug Bell has a consistent pellet vapour attracting the slugs and snails day and night.

The Ideal Hosta protector.

The Perfect Gift for the Gardener.

Sllug Bells   

           Green Flower                               Tudor Rose                           Purple Flower

             Pink Flower                             Blue Flower                             Yellow Flower

        Orange   Flower                            Original Flower                     Marigold Flower

         Pot Plant Bells



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