Michael Messina
Invetor of the Slugbell

Rainbow Garden Products will provide the home garden market with environmentally friendly products from around the world, "The Slug Bell" is British designed and the first of many products to make every keen gardeners life a little more pleasurable.

How the Slug Bell Started

I am keen gardener for over 30 years and like every gardener I know I have a problem with Slug and Snail infestation and like most gardeners I have had to continuously scatter slug pellets on the soil around vegetables and flowers every 2-3 days throughout the year. This scattering of the pellets in and around the vegetable and flower garden was continuously poisoning the soil.

But also I remember when I ate a lettuce, which I had washed many times only to find a pellet crunch in my mouth!!

From that day onwards I made it my mission to try and find a way to keep slugs and snails from eating my vegetable produce without scattering pellets.

I have tried every slug contraption on the market but found them to be impractical to keep a constant eye on or to keep filling beer traps with good beer, this is expensive nowadays.

I then started to focus firstly on the question as to why we have to continuously put slug pellets on the ground: answer: because rain water, showers and watering the garden washes the pellets away. Secondly, they should last longer and we should use less of them, therefore not scatter them on the ground.

So I went into my shed and started to work on a design I had in mind and came up with a few prototypes which were proven to be successful and eventually I sat down and started detailing the design now known as The Slug Bell which addresses all the issues as stated in the link  advantages-of-the-slug-bell-4-w.asp

The Slug Bell is child, pet and wildlife safe (this was an important factor in the design stage)as it prevents the accidental picking up of the poison pellets, it not affected by watering the garden and is rain proof it also has an attractive flower pattern and blends with its’ surroundings the pellets last a very , very long time and the whole Slug bell can be moved around the garden. You do not have to keep a constant eye on it and you can go away on holiday and come back to a slug and snail free garden,..... In a Nut Shell


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