What is a SLUGBELL and how it works ?

The SLUGBELL is safe for Children, Pets, Birds,
Hedgehogs, Bees, Earthworms, Wildlife and the Environment as the pellets are not scattered around the garden where they can be accidentally picked up.
The BELL shape prevents the pellets being washed away into the soil and keep them dry and work for longer.
The  mesh basket of the Slugbell  is partly  filled  with Government Approved Ferric Phosphate 
 slug pellets which contain yeast extract  that  attracts slug and snails towards bell. They climb up the metal stick, feast on the pellets and then return to where they originally came from perish.


1. Place the metal stick into the ground where you have slug problem

2.Partly fill the basket with a small amount of Government Approved Ferric Phosphate  slug pellets(not supplied)
3.Place the Bell over the metal stick to cover the mesh basket

4.Fit the vinyl capon the top of the metal stick to secure the Bell
The SLUGBELL controls the slug and snails in an area of approximately 8 ft/2.5 meters.The complete SLUG BELL can be moved around by the top of the spike after every 5 days.

Hand painted, varnished and made of Metal. It may develop rust surface and decolourisation but will be enjoyed  for many years.

The flower pattern on the Slugbell also blend into the garden surroundings as a colourful ornament all year around. The SLUGBELL and Pot Plant SLUGBELL come in a beautiful presentation box  making an ideal gift for the keen gardener as each color has a personal meaning.
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